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15 women ever been with Diamond


15 women ever been with Diamond

Diamond Platinum is a man of many styles. The Tanzanian Big Thing in Music industry has been applauded for his great taste for women. He has been moving in with women in a style admired by many haters. All women who have had the taste of Simba are at least naturally beautiful.
I cannot list all the women rumored to have gone out with the WCB CEO but in this article, I will discuss just few who made the headlines during their times.
The Bongo movie actress and even once won Miss Tanzania award. Diamond and Wema had an on and off relationship that lasted four years. The reason for this break up was cheating. Diamond was accused of cheating on Wema with Jokate. Even though the break up was so bitter, tyhey reconciled and have remained nery great friends. At one point, Diamond employed wema in his media house, Wasafi TV
Jokate Mwegelo
The current District Commisioner for Kisarawe, following an appointment by the overworking president JPM. By the time she was with Diamond, she was a business entrepreneur and also a media personality. Jokate has also been said to have dated Ali Kiba. Diamond fell in love with Jokate after she played a video vixed in his song.
Penniel Mungilwa aka Penny
Chibu made this relationship public way back in 2013. Penny was a friend to Jokate and this move really killed their relationship just the same way Wema and jokate lost their friendship. Diamond and penny broke up after she aborted his child. Diamond opened up on this issue in his song sikomi where he says

Jacquiline wolper
Baba Tiffah as well as Wolper have never agreed to these claims and the later has always said that Diamond has always been his friend. Many have claimed that the relationship must have existed in secret following the part Wolper played in Diamond’s song Utanipenda. The line for the part goes like;
“na magazeti nyumbani kwa kukuza habari si unajuaga, utasikia tafarani diamond kwa Zarri amemwagwa, na venye nlivyo mnyonge tabia za kuwajibu sinaga, kama naiona michambo ya mademu wa zamani yanikeraaa…”
Jacque later moved in another relationship with Konde boy and they broke up in 2017 because of mzungu Sarah.
Remember the song Nitarejea? This was a hit song where these two lover birds collaborated. Their relationship never made it but their friendship has always remained. It can be remembered diamond helped pay Hawa’s medical bill and also reintroduced her to music.
Tunda Sebastian
In early 2018, Diamond had a relationship with tunda. According to her, this was her worst relationship. Tunda once used tiffah’s photo as her profile before deleting it and unfollowing Diamond.
Irene Uwoya
She is respected personnel when it comes to acting. Irene was said to have dated diamond way back and the suspicions grew in 2018 after diamond posted her pic. Irene is also remembered to have dated Dogo Janja.
Hamisa Mobeto
Hamisa became the talk of the town after featuring into “Salome” as a video vixen. Their relationship with the Multi-award winning artist grew henceforth leading to them sired a kid. Hamisa named the son Dylan and Diamond named him Abdullatiff even before his birth.
Zarri Hassan
She is a Ugandan entrepreneur and Socialite based in south Africa. This is the biggest name and to many, the perfect match for Baba Lao. They had four years of happiness and sired two children, Nillan and Tiffah. On 14th Feb 2018, the African continent was shocked with the news that this lovely couple was separating. Zari announced the breakup on her IG page saying she was tired with multiple cheating allegations which had a clear proof.
Tanasha Donna
After dating Tanzanians and a Ugandan, Dangote decided to walk in the Mightiest country in East Africa and grab happiness. Tanasha is a renown Media personality who has now grown to being a socialite and even amazingly, an artist. According to many, Tanasha maximized her time while with Diamond to establishing herself as a brand. Together, they got one child and named him Naseeb Junior.
The list is endless but at least these are the women we have information on.
Najma Dattani ‘Naj’
Naj was Diamonds lover in a relationship that lasted less than 6 months. You have probably heard her name in a song called Muziki gani Diamond ft Ney wa Mitego. Ney is accusing Diamond of using music to play with women.
“Aah piga kimya, we ndo haufai kabisa hauna maana, wabana pua kila siku mnarogana, bibi yako alikuambia muziki ni kama binti mbona unawachezea unawatema kama big g, mara wema, mara Jokate, mara Naj, mara Penny, je mnafanya mziki mpate mabinti?”
As you can see, all those mentioned we have already talked about them.
Aunty Ezekiele
Kim Nana
Pendo Mushi

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