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Covid-19: Chinese Medical Mission To Nigeria, See The Mistake Nigeria Government Has Made


Covid-19: Chinese Medical Mission To Nigeria, See The Mistake Nigeria Government Has Made

The NIGERIA Union of Journalists National Secretariat is alarmed by the decision of the Federal Government to bring Chinese Medical doctors to Nigeria to fight Covid 19, despite the fact that Nigerian doctors are doing exceptionally well in fighting the outbreak. We caution that it will be counter productive to bring in Chinese doctors.
It is quite unfortunate that Nigeria government failed to realize the fact that this virus started in Wuhan China.
US has the highest numbers of infected patients and it is going up each day.
Italy and Spain are not left behind because these countries are frustrated with the numbers of people who have died through this virus and they are still unable to combat this virus.
While some have applauded the way and manner China contained the virus in Wuhan- the only Chinese city to be so affected, we hasten to note that there is more to this charade than is being let out by the Chinese authorities, and we reject a situation where Nigeria will be used as a Guinea pig for any experiment.
It is pertinent to plead with the Federal Government to stop this Medical team from coming to Nigeria because of the Italian example where there was an inexplicable spike in Covid 19 related deaths when the Chinese doctors arrived the country.
The FG should as a matter of urgent concern investigate the allegation that what is happening today is associated with the launching of the 5G communication network, as Nigerians are becoming more agitated over the issue which cannot be swept under the carpet.
We urge the FG to be more proactive in dealing with these emerging issues because any mistake made will be catastrophic.
This is a big mistake Nigeria government will regret on if they don't revoke this decision, China has been so secretive in the past few days about the death rate in their country and Nigeria government failed to do a proper verification before concluding on their decision.
*They will try and infect more people with coronavirus
*They will make sure the case goes out of control so as to make Nigeria like Italy, France and Spain case
*They came here to accomplish the world power mission

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