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Diamond's Platnumz's Name Crops Up As YouTube Deletes Views on Ali Kiba's Hit Song, Dodo


Diamond's Platnumz's Name Crops Up As YouTube Deletes Views on Ali Kiba's Hit Song, Dodo

Celebrated Tanzanian singer Nassibu Abdul Juma best known as Diamond Platnumz has found himself on the receiving end after views on his principal rival Ali Kiba's new hit song reduced.
Diamond's name has been dragged into this shocking issue where Ali Kiba's YouTube views on his song dubbed 'Dodo' reduced by over 300,000.
By Thursday evening, Ali Kiba's song in which he featured Diamond Platnumz's baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto as a video vixen, had garnered at least 1 million viewers on YouTube, which is actually the largest video sharing platform across the globe.
Hamisa Mobetto had shared a screenshot from YouTube which had indeed shown the song had been watched at least 1 million times.
However, about two hour after the screenshot had been taken, YouTube deleted at least 300,000 views.
The song's viewers were reduced to around 700,000, and until typing this, the song's views had increased passed the 800,000 mark.
This forced Ali Kiba to go live on Instagram where he said some people were playing fishy games with his viewers on YouTube to discourage his fans from liking his work.
"There are games being played on me, there are some people playing with my viewers but I urge you to continue enjoying the song, from my end the numbers are right but what is being displayed on the screen is not true,"
 Ali Kiba said 
on a live chat with his fans before he shared a live version of the same from his end, which showed that the song had over 1 million views.
A screenshot from Ali Kiba;s live video on Thursday night
King Kiba went further and said that there are higher chances some artists have been manipulating their views on YouTube so as to look greater than others.
According to him, it was possible for someone to increase his views if the same person managed to reduce his (Ali Kiba's) views.
Ali Kiba's fans were quick to drag Diamond's name into the whole issue considering he is perceived to be Ali Kiba's enemy when it comes to Bongo Flavor music.
However, while Ali Kiba and his team may be blaming Diamond or whoever the artist is, it is not a walk in the park for one to manipulate figures on YouTube.
YouTube recently introduced changes on its platform which included auditing viewers at the end of the day so that fake views are deleted.
Views that get deleted include those that last for less than ten seconds, and for this reason, one's views tend to reduce.
The chances were made to kick out people who were misusing the service by fake clicks for them to get the adverts on their channels.

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