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My Husband’s Son Dropped a Drug In My Meals And Slept With Me


My Husband’s Son dropped a drug in my meals and Slept With Me

What a unhappy and unfortunate day My Husband’s Son dropped a drug in my meals and Slept With Me ,I am Esther Collins, married with a man last yr November who has a grown son of 25 year old Kingsley Collins while i constantly respect him as a step son.

My husband son who simply arrived from school, after serving him meals while i also ate mine but unfortunately i didn’t know he dropped a substance in my meals while I’m in the kitchen, I became vulnerable after, to the lengthen that i can’t even combat him lower back when he forcefully slept with me.

My husband Collins who traveled to shut a contract deal in Abuja, The saddest aspect about it is that, i have been verified six weeks pregnant while i used to be waiting for my pricey husband to come and divulge it to him, I’m truly depressed right now, as i don’t understand whether i tell my husband about it or not.

Despite all the respect and exact things i have been giving him, he drugged me and forcefully sleep with me, while he didn’t know, I was once six weeks pregnant already.

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