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Making Sound During Intercourse: Good Or Bad?


Making sound in form of moaning is associated with intercourse.

Whether one moan or not during the act is solely dependent on the couples engaging in it.
However, I do not see any thing bad about it. Rather I consider moaning during intercourse very good for some obvious reasons.
Below are my five reasons I think moaning during intercourse is good:
1. It helps to take both partners to climax quickly.
2. Most women moan to boost their partner's self-esteem.
3. It is a way of relieving fatigue and boredom during intercourse.
4. It serves as a signal that both partners are enjoying the act and doing it very well.
5. Moaning by women is a turn-on for most men as it gives men the feeling that they are doing it the right way.
Do you agree with the reasons stated above?
Do you think moaning during intercourse is actually bad for couples?
Please leave your opinions in the comment box below.

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