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My uncle sleeps with me anytime I'm back from school. Lady cry out!


My uncle sleeps with me anytime I'm back from school. Lady cry out!

My name is ijeoma after the death of my parents in a ghastly motorcycle accident life became hard for me and my siblings I was the eldest, things were never the same again. I became very frustrated about life.my uncles came up with a decision that for us to be cared for we have to be separated among them meaning that my two sisters one will go and stay with my uncle in ebonyi and the last born in Abuja with one of my uncle too as for me I will stay with my uncle in delta I never complain because I know we had no option than to accept their decisions.
My uncle is a business man who had a lot of apprentice so most time he is in shop and my uncles wife is a civil servant most time she comes back by 4 sometimes 5 because of some delay as for me I close from school around 2pm. There was a day after I returned from school I took my bath was in the kitchen preparing meal for everyone then I heard a knock on the door I thought it was our neighbor I didn’t bother to check I just answered from the kitchen I never knew that it was my uncle when he came in he started yelling at me insulting me I did not respond to him. He later apologized.
The next day the same thing happened I came back the same time when i was back from school there was light then so he turned on the home theater and started playing music he called out for me saying that he want to talk to me when I came he started touching me I rejected but he was too strong that I wasn’t able to resist him so he had his way..
Ever since then any time I'm back from school he will come and sleep with me..
I wanted to tell his wife.. but his wife is too harsh from the look of things she doesn't like me..
I'm really confused and scared!

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