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Old age catching up with Harmonizes ex girlfriend, Bongo actress Wolper?


Old age catching up with Harmonizes ex girlfriend, Bongo actress Wolper? 

Actress Wolper has lately been the talk of town on social media. The actress who is said to be 33 years recently left many shocked after one of her unfiltered photos emerged on social media.
Looking at the photo, we might as well as agree that indeed; vitu kwa ground ni different as she appeared to look quite different from the Wolper fans on social media know!
Actress Jacqueline Wolper
Well call it photoshop, beauty camera but the flawless and tight skin seen most of Wolper’s photos is a scam!
Real Wolper and photoshop version
This is because of the raw photo showing the real Wolper and yes just like Wema Sepetu; time is no longer on their side in terms of starting a family!
Wolper attached to Harmonize
Just a few weeks ago as Harmonize celebrated his 29th birthday, Wolper decided to use this opportunity to pour out her heart to the ex; who got away!
Tbt Wolper and Harmonize
Through her Instagram page Wolper talked about her heartbreak; and how she wishes things turned out different because the love she had for Konde Boy is still intact!
However rumor has it that the reason Wolper has not settled down is because she prefers women over men! Yes, the popular Bongo actress is allegedly said to be a bisexual – however we cannot confirm these claims as Wolper also tries to keep her relationships private.
Harmonize and troublesome wife
Harmonize on the other hand is said to be having a tough life in his marriage.
Wolper and Sarah
His Italian wife is said to be a drama queen who often enjoys screaming at the Bongo singer; especially when she is intoxicated with some alcohol.
Anyway, who ever said marriage is easy? No one!

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