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Picture how this woman dressed herself because of coronavirus epidemic


A woman is being pictured on social media dressed and covered herself with a materia garment because of covid19 epidemic.The woman is purportedly travelling to her destination when the people residing in the environment noticed and made fun of her.
The raiment absolutely covered her whole body leaving no space for ventilation or exchange of gases.
One may ask, is there a raining fashion because of coronavirus 19? Perhaps she is trying to Create attraction to herself and to gazette her ordeal on Facebook.
I think it's a covid19 era, and people should resort to dress in accordance with the current trend of the world system.
However I will urge the populace to apply every means of securing their lives since this virus is airborne and contagious.
I also advise FG and state Governments to enforce a dressing code since prevention is in tandem with social distancing oneself
Covid19 is epidemic and real, avoid it by all hooks and crooks.
prevention is better than cure.

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