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See how harmonize met with his girlfriend Sarah Tz.


See how harmonize met with his girlfriend Sarah Tz.

Harmonize ever since he came to fame he has been spotted with two women.The first one was Jacky wolper and the second and current one was Sarah Tz.
His relationship with Jacky wolper hitted the rock bottoms after wolper accused harmonize of cheating on her with Sarah.
Alot of stories developed with Jacky claiming that sarah used to finance harmonize's music and finally Sarah claimed she was pregnant for the star making him dump wolper and start dating Sarah the Italian lady.
The relationship with Sarah has always been rocky though they have always stayed strong with harmonize composing songs for the Italian lady.Words going around is that Harmonize and Sarah got married last year with others calling it public stunts to promote their music.
During a recent interview with one of the media personalities in Tanzania Harmonize said the following
From the above information that they met in a club and the lady asked harmonize for a selfie did she apporoach the man?
Recently the "bedroom" hit maker was accused of sleeping with the vedio vixen with a recorded vedio surfacing online.
This led the two to unfollow each other on Instagram with making claiming they we're looking for a way to promote their vedio.What is your opinion on that?
Wolper on the other had moved to other relationships and currently she is dating a Tanzania musician.Although she is in a relationship she has never stopped talking about harmonize and she recently even stated that she has never gotten over the star harmonize.Many attacking her and they kept wondering why she can never stop talking about the star.

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