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The Kardashian who will never date again


One of the Kardashian sisters is claiming she might just stay single for life. Photo / InstagramKhloe Kardashian might "never" date again.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star split from Tristan Thompson - the father of her 23-month-old daughter True - after he cheated on her by kissing her sister's pal Jordyn Woods but she insists she won't be rushing into a relationship any time soon because her focus is her family.

When asked if she wanted to date again, she said in a sneak peek of an upcoming episode of the family's E! reality show: "No, not even thinking about it. I have friends that are like, 'I want to hook you up with someone.' I just don't care. I'm focused on myself and True. That's just what I do. Who knows? Maybe I'll never date again."

The 35-year-old reality television personality also insisted she didn't want a baby at the moment and wouldn't be adverse to freezing her eggs.

When Kris asked if she wanted another baby, Khloe replied: "Not now, no."

It was then that Kris suggested Khloe should "freeze her eggs" to have kids in the future, to which the mother of one replied: "If I want to, I will one day. I just don't care to. I'm not worried about it."

Khloe and Tristan work hard at co-parenting their daughter because she doesn't want any "heavy energy" around True.

Speaking at the time, she said: "For me, True is 1 and, like, a month old so she doesn't really know what's happening, but to me, she does know and she feels energy. I'm a big believer of that so I do everything in my power to not put any sort of heavy energy around her ... I always remember though, how amazing [my parents were with the kids after they split]. I'm sure now that I have gone through it myself trying to co-parent that they were so seamless with it. I never, ever heard my parents talk disrespectfully about the other one."

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