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The lady whom snake lives in her private part after being used for ritual by a man she slept with

This is a time that girls should be more careful with how they flirt around for money. Sometimes getting the money at a huge sum cannot heal you of the consequences that will follow.

According to story, this lady from South Africa was taken to a rich man to sleep with because she needed money. Her friend who connected her to the job had already planned everything and that is what she too does but didn't have a bad situation like this one.

After she had got the money she wanted, she went home not knowing what she had got herself into. From the, any man she sleeps with, dies after a while and she didn't know what the problem was.

Until the day that she was supposed to get married to a man and when it was time for the event, she was no where to be found and she was found with the man who did that to her with the aim that no man should ever love her.

She was later seen and when investigation started, people began to testify what had been happening and she confirmed it too. She was taken to different places but to no avail and when she was taken to the hospital, the snake came out halfway and was stuck between her legs.

Girls should be very careful with their love for money.

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