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The True Story of Pablo Escobar who Burnt 2 Million Dollars in a Fire because His Daughter was Cold


The True Story of Pablo Escobar who Burnt 2 Million Dollars in a Fire because His Daughter was Cold

Arguably the most famous and Wealthiest criminal to ever lived, Pablo Escobar was the leader of the Medellin cartel dubbed the "King Of Coke",Escobar was so rich as he was believed to the worth 30 billion dollars at the time of his death, he monopolised the trade of cocaine in Colombia as the rate of Killings was on an all time high in Colombia, he killed rival cartel owners, police and judges who were not loyal to him also paid with their life, his influence soon spread outside of Colombia as he smuggled large tons of Cocaine into the United States
This made him one of the richest people in the world, some people saw him as a Robin hood figure as he built social amenities for the poor, he was a philanthropist per say but the Colombia and US government were not OK with his activities because of his incessant crimes that seems to be on the rise on a daily basis, he was so wealthy to even wage a civil war against the government, he owns countless business chains in Colombia even owning the most popular football club in Colombia at the time, truth be told, his life was an adventurous one that the whole of this page won't be enough to detail his escapades
No matter how hard a man may be, there is always a soft spot for his family and this became evident in the life of Escobar when he lit two million dollars to keep his daughter warm, the story goes thus, when the police were after him, Pablo Escobar moved with his family to one of his hidden houses he had bought in case he is on the run, since it was winter, his wife and kids were freezing so he moved the sofa close to what looked like a mini furnace and he burnt any cash he was holding at the time as this was estimated to be around two million dollars, this was also evident in the series 'Narcos'
In a nutshell, he surrendered to the government in 1991 with the condition that he will serve his jail term in his personally built prison, he was eventually sentenced to five years in prison but when he learnt the government had plans to move him to another facility, he escaped but he was finally apprehended and gunned down on the 2nd of December 1993,a day after completing a short 44 years on earth, crime does not pay no matter the instant gain it might give to you, a lot of his properties were confiscated by the Colombian government as they are seen as proceeds from crimes, indeed everything is vanity

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