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This 50-year-old woman has undergone 105 plastic surgeries and dreams of being 30 forever


This 50-year-old woman has undergone 105 plastic surgeries and dreams of being 30 forever

Everyone has a love of beauty, which is one of the important reasons why cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more prosperous nowadays. However, if one has cosmetic surgery more than 100 times, it is just to make oneself a dream Barbie doll, isn't it incredible? Because it's not just a matter of how many plastic surgeries, it's also a matter of having money in your pocket. However, there is such a woman in Britain who has undergone 105 plastic surgeries to make herself beautiful.
Rachel Evans, a 49-year-old British woman, not only fantasized about becoming a Barbie doll, she also put all her fantasies into practice. Rachel Evans has undergone 105 surgeries in the past 13 years to make herself a Barbie doll, which should be the most frequent cosmetic surgery in Britain.
It is reported that Rachel Evans started her cosmetic surgery at the age of 35. Most of the surgeries are performed on her face. She has fillers on her nose and cheeks. In order to maintain the appearance of Barbie doll, she also performs botulinum toxin surgeries regularly. In addition to the face, the chest was filled from 30 years to 30 days.
Rachel Evans spent 32,000 pounds on 105 cosmetic surgeries. The latest plastic surgery was her sixth this year and cost 500 pounds.
Of course, the figure can't be adjusted. In order to keep the figure, Rachel Evans goes to the gym three times a week to exercise. In addition, she also does hair dyeing, hair extension, nail making and fake tanning, all in order to get closer to the real Barbie doll. At the age of 50, she still wants to be young. "In order to make my face look like Barbie doll, I have been doing plastic surgery all these years. This is my way of life. Although I am nearly 50 years old, I will keep my appearance at the age of 30."
However, although she is more and more like a real Barbie doll, she still brings some troubles to her life.
Not long ago, Rachel Evans made an amazing decision when celebrating her 50th birthday, saying that she would give up her dream of plastic surgery and becoming Barbie and pursue her own health.
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